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Ericsson R&D Process Methods & Tool Conference 2011

Linköping, Sweden, May 3-4, 2011

Presentation Guidelines

Basic Information

  • Facilities: Laptops with LCD projectors will be available for your presentations. You may also use your own laptop.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your presentation time and introduce yourself to the host. This will also give you time to get acquainted with the layout, pointing devices and so on.
  • Presentations last for a total of 40 minutes including questions and answer period.

Preparation Suggestions

  • Know your audience: there will be a mix management and technical people. Participants will come from all across Ericsson working a large variety of projects. Don't get too technical.
  • Many acronyms are only understood within a development unit. Avoid their use and if needed, explain what they mean when you first use them.
  • Terminology for the same activity varies widely across Ericsson and often the same term may have different interpretations. You may need to clarify terminology. Terms for different types of testing or test phases are often understood differently.
  • Presentations should consist of an introduction describing the purpose and content, a body and a conclusion emphasizing the essential points of the presentation.
  • Avoid too much text on a slide. Entire sentences are usually not needed. List key points.
  • Practice your presentation to a live audience preferably to someone who is new to the presentation material. Ask them what message they got from the presentation.
  • Give participants something to bring home. This could be a technique, idea, ... Give them ideas of how what you have done can be applied in other contexts.
  • Keep the message clear. You should have only a few (1-3) themes in your presentation. Participants will attend over 10 sessions over the two days. Make your presentation easy to remember.

During your Presentation

  • Indicate at the beginning whether you want to take questions during or after the presentation.
  • Allow some time for questions at the end.
  • If you wish to continue taking questions after your time is up, take them outside the conference room, to give sufficient time for the next presenter to prepare.